Train Like an Athlete for Bowling

Train Like an Athlete for Bowlers
New unique specialized program that provides functional strength & conditioning, speed, power, explosive movements and more of elite athletes and as it relates to the sport of bowling.

Train Like an Athlete for Bowling will teach you:
Strength Training • Plyometric Training • Core Training
Cardio Training • and most importantly… Functional Training
• 3 biggest mistakes athletes make in training
• Tips, techniques and secrets of elite athletes
• The best fitness tools to utilize
• The value of proper nutrition and how to fuel your body
• How to develop strength and explosiveness as it pertains to movements of bowling


2 thoughts on “Train Like an Athlete for Bowling

  1. Looking for serious help on losing weight. I quit smoking over a year ago and feel better then ever. But I also had to have elbow and wrist surgery and got extremely lazy because of arm pain. I put on 60 pound ballooning to 300 pounds. I listened to you on extra frame and really enjoyed listening. I really would like to learn more.

    • Hey Jonathan! Thanks for your kind remarks. First, congrats on quitting smoking, that is awesome. I see that you some physical issues but nothing that can’t be addressed. The good news is that you know where you’re at and that you sound ready to take control. Even better news is that its never too late to start your path to great health and wellness. If you like, call me at: 302-570-0530 or send me your number and I’ll contact you. We’ll chat a little and see what we can do. The key is to take it slow, be patient, and work with a program that will safely and effectively get you where you need to be. Take care and thanks again.

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